Best way to learn PHP MVC

I am really interested in magento but i lack php skills, i can pretty much read code and edit it as i need (sometime), but much time i am blank. I wanted to know the best way to learn php mvc.

Why MVC? Do you know about OOP techniques, methods and patterns? If not, that is where you need to go first, if you have a good grip on the PHP language constructs. Once you understand OOP, then you can dig into architectures like MVC.

Just my 2 cents.



I typically recommend From Flat PHP to Symfony2. The first half doesn’t rely on any framework and it shows step by step refactoring from flat PHP to MVC.

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And this link give some insight on why focusing on MVC is perhaps not the best way to get started with web application development.


I m more concern about protecting my future and investing in something strong, i am a php developer but not a strong OOP one, i need that as well as good PHP as i work in magento most of time.

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