Resources for MVC PHP

I am trying to learn MVC PHP and wondering where i can find relevant tutorials? More likely if possible videos will be good.

I can recommend KNP University to learn the Symfony framework (which is based on the MVC architecture). Their tutorials cost a bit of money, but they are worth it.

And then there is Laracasts, which teaches Laravel, which is an MVC framework actually built off of a number of Symfony components. I haven’t looked into their videos at all, so I can’t tell you about the quality. It looks like they are free too. Which is pretty nice. Edit: Uh. Nope. Laracasts also cost money.


I’d recommend Laracasts - I’d say about a third of the videos are dedicated to the Laravel framework specifically, but the rest are a good mix of tutorials on OOP, design patterns, tooling, and even some JavaScript. Some of the videos are free, so you can get an idea of the quality before parting with any cash.

I can’t understand difference between OOP and MVC. How can i take a OOP to MVC?

Object Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm (basically a style of programming) that stands in contrast to other styles such as procedural and functional programming. Procedural and OOP are the most common styles used in PHP, with OOP being preferred for anything more than very basic scripts.

MVC is a popular architectural pattern that (in web applications) divides up the code that handles requests into three layers: Model, View and Controller. Many of the most popular PHP frameworks use some variation on the MVC pattern, and most of them are written using OOP.

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