Best way/place to install apache/mysql/php

I’m primarily a web designer/front end developer. I want to install PHP on a Windows 7 PC primarily to work locally on WordPress sites and maybe try some other simple things. And I’ll be following Kevin Yank’s book to learn the basics of back end development.

I prefer to do the individual installs but since I will be using the computer primarily for other things and will use PHP only on certain few occasions, I don’t want Apache, MySQL, and PHP always running on my computer. I will most of the time be working on graphics, video editing, audio/music production, so I wouldn’t want anything getting in the way or taking up resources.

I see that WAMP has a “stop all services” button. Does this actually disable them all completely as I would want? Apache also has a stop button I see, but with an individual install do all three of them start automatically when I start up my computer? From Kevin’s book it seem like MySQL will be in the processes every time windows starts.

I also prefer that it not be installed right on C:\ as Kevin suggests. I would rather have everything that has to do with the webserver stuff separate from everything else. I’m considering:

  • installing them in a unique directory, such as C:\webserver\ and install everything within there
  • create a partition in my hard drive specifically for web development
  • get an external hard drive specifically for web development

Which of these do you think would work best for what I’m trying to achieve?

Would maybe using WAMP solve my problem or would it still be worth to install them individually?

If you install them as services, the programs will start automatically when you boot. You don’t need to have them run as services though. Installing in C:\webserver\ sounds fine to me.

I’ve never used the wamp package, but in the past I used xampp(same thing basically). It had a gui control panel program to start and stop all the stuff(regardless of whether or not they ran as services). I think they had some .bat files too that you could just double click to start/stop apache/mysql, if that’s more your style. I bet wamp is the same.

WAMP does by default not start Apache and MySQL on windows startup. There is a program called WampManager, and if you start that it’ll start both Apache and MySQL.

And yes, if you press “stop all services”, Apache and MySQL stop :slight_smile:

BTW. I also have WAMP 2.x running on my Windows 7 PC here and it works like a charm, just thought I’d let you know.

Hmmm, it’s tempting to just install WAMP. I just really wanted to install them individually so that I can understand and learn it better.

Do the individual installs give the option to not install them as a service? And if they’re not running as a service how do you start them each time you want to use them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s been a while so I’m not sure, but I thought the individual installs install services, which start at system startup (can be changed).

To start them

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

For each service you want to start, select it, and then press “start”

To change whether a service starts at system startup, right click it, and change “Startup type” to “Manual”.