Installing PHP, MySQL and Apache individually

I am finding it extremely difficult to install PHP, APACHE and MySQL. I have googled and read some how-to articles (still doing that), but am still stuck.
i first went to their respective websites and downloaded the suitable versions. I have a 32 bit, windows 7 Operating System. I did not find the setup file (setup.exe) in any of the downloads. Then i read somewhere that i should start with MySQL, then APAChe and then PHP (instead of PHP first). I needed to first download Windows MySQL Installer. When i tried running the WMI, it wouldn’t work, because it said i need a .NET framework for that to work.
Through turn windows on off feature i figured the .NET version 3 (something) wasn’t enabled, so i enabled that. Restarted my system, and tried the Windows MYSQL Installer again. Still it did not work, as it said i need version 4, instead i have version 3. (ok what was my question!)

so 1) Do i need to set up a .NET 4 framework first? Is there any other way to install MySQL ?
2) why is there no setup file in any of the downloads?
3) i figure the manual configuration is extremely complicated. could someone guide me, who has successfully been able to install and run all of these mentioned above? I will be very thankful!

what i find is mysql can standalone from apache and php.

so either start with that or end with that. in fact, one of my projects, i used two cheapy boxes and ran mysql on that and then apache and php on the other.

so, once you have php installed and apache running, the biggest thing is to add the section on apache’s config file on how to handle files with a php* extension.

once apache knows what to call (the php processor) for php files, then you are 2/3 there. mysql doesnt event need to know apache and php is there. just setup the users ACL and you are good to go.

have you read through this: