Best time tracking software for a freelancer


I took a look and there hasn’t been anything on this topic since 2007.

I’m looking for the best free time tracking software for an freelancer. I’m basically looking for a free version of FreshBooks.

Anyone know of anything that offers similar features?

1DayLater is a good timetracking software. It also helps with tracking money and mileage - always useful for freelancers! :slight_smile:

I think in two years, the OP has gotten the answer they needed…

Checkout Activity Tracker Plus. Its a free web-based time tracking tool for personal use, small business and freelancers . Can be run from system tray, uses Google spreadsheet to save data, can also track expense and tasks, you can share your status online with friends and on your blog. Some features that are in development includes managing invoice , desktop module and mobile phone application. can be used within the browser. It’s easy and intuitive though it does not save your times yet. Nevertheless you can generate a report at any time and save that somewhere.

I am using swifttime time sheet application and believe me it is really good.
It Provides so many features :

· Provides a menu driven user interface.
· High accuracy in payroll management.
· Employees and managers can easily access this application via Internet or mobile devices.
· No start-up cost is required.
· Nightly backups of all data.
· Helps to ensure compliance with federal wage and hour laws.
· Advanced reporting module.
· Integrated billing and invoicing module.
· Data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets for further processing.
· Integration with payroll programs like ADP, Quick Books, Peach tree and others available

Why don’t use timr? is a web based completely mobile solution for time tracking using the mobile platforms of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and WindowsMobile. I’ve been using it for 6 months already with my blackberry and can highly recommend it…

This is easy to use and free

I don’t have a personal recomendation, but this list over at freelance swtich should help you out. :tup:

I dont know exactly, Elaznce is helping to users to show the time of tracking


I am using ManicTime, its free and its real easy to use. You can find it at www_manictime_com

I recommend using MBO Partners.

Not only do they offer a web-based timekeeping system, but they basically handle all of your back-office operations, including invoicing my clients, and they act as an employer of record so I don’t have to worry about all those 1099s, I just get a W-2 at the end of the year. But, it’s still completely my own business, I find all my own clients, but I have all the benefits of working for a company AND all the benefits of being my own boss at the same time! I have access to group healthcare benefits, retirement savings, and I can still deduct all of my business expenses. (Which, by the way, they have a very easy to use expense reporting system as well.)

So, you are looking for:

the best free time tracking software for an freelancer

While I love open source and free software, there are still some types of software that I am quite willing to pay for.

I consider what I risk losing or gaining! If I’m billing a client at $80/hour and I can more accurately and easily track my time with a piece of software that costs $50 to $100 then all i have to to do is track 2 extra billable hours and the software has paid for itself.

This software I’ve been using for years to track my time and it’s paid for itself many, many times over. It’s especially designed for consultants and it’s easy to either time myself while I work or add time records after I’ve finished.

Responsive Time Logger is the software. Their website is: www-ResponsiveSoftware-com

It’s free, of course, to test out their software. I’ve called tech support a few times and they are very helpful. Yes - they are based in the USA.

Good luck!


Hi Jeanco,

I’m using Timetrack Professional from Bit Computing (www bitcomputing com). I’m a freelance consultant and my daily tasks involved a lot of report writing and searching on Internet. Timetrack automatically recorded how much time I used on Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. It even able track the URL of the web-sites. With rules setup, it automatically categorize all these recorded time into categories that I have defined. It customizable view is even powerful, allow with to analyze my time in any hierarchical relationship I defined.

All done automatically without me having to remember that I need to record time manually like in past with those start/stop timer software. Now, I really can concentrate on my real work and view my time statistic at any moment with just a click.

I think they have a free version but it is not compatible with my Vista so I upgrade to their professional sometimes ago after I brought my new laptop with Vista come with it.

To add an alternative to the discussion I have been using the desktop widget which I would recommend. I have been using it to track the time I have spent on my client’s projects. It has been very simple to use without any complex installation or updates.

I’ve got two open source alternatives for you. Collabtive and Kimai. Google search those and check them out. I personally am using Collabtive right now for my company, and I am doing some testing for the new version of Kimai to see how it turns out. Both are free and open source.

Hi, have you ever tried timesolv? It provides secure web-based time, billing and practice management solution for profession services firms such as lawyers, IT consultant, construction, accounting, marketing consultant etc. I’m very happy with timesolv application and their support team. It has lots of facilities rather than other applications.

Try this, hope this will help you.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Trac ? trac-edgewall-org. The best software to track code changes, time spent on projects, has built-in wiki, etc.

Take care,


[SIZE=“3”]Two others to consider:

TaskCoach: taskcoach. org
HourGuard: nchsoftware. com/timesheet/[/SIZE]

WorkTime is definitely a very good time tracking software for freelancers. I use it for years and it realy helps me to keep myself on track. Some features are simply unique - and I searched trough many applications.