Time Tracking Software?

Does anyone have a reliable time tracking software they can recommend? I am using the freeware timeEdition. It’s good except that it stop automatically. I can’t have that.

I am currently using Activity Tracker Plus ( http://www.google.com/search?q=activity+tracker+plus ) and happy with it. Its free, web-based, can be run from system tray, uses Google spreadsheet to save data, can also track expense and tasks, you can share your status online with friends and on your blog.

Sounds funny but I use my iPhone, there’s some lovely expense and time tracking tools available for it, plus it’s stop watch is quick and easy to make use of. :slight_smile:

Sadly no, the only thing I use at the moment is pencil and paper! and obviously sometimes that slips the mind if it’s not in your face. I’m developing my own Adobe Flex/AIR application that will have a time tracker with it - problem solved! Maybe a digital stop watch would be a good idea? have it just below your monitor or to the side?

My CPA has used Timeslips from back when it came on 5-1/4" floppys :slight_smile: His office swears by it. Unfortunately it’s quite pricey.

Very basic but simple KDE has KTimeTracker if you have linux.