Best social media for e-commerce



Hi good day
I sale underfloor heating products in my web site and I would to know what social media should I dedicate more time and effort to get the most traffic possible .
Thank you


Try Facebook because their advertising campaigns are able to pinpoint local age groups, sex, house owners, etc. The rates are reasonable.

A friend of mine with many years of computer related business, recently opened a finger nail painting shop in a Uk north eastern town May 2018. They are inundated with customers and now advertising for a fifth person to join the team.


Instagram: You will get a huge fan following if you are using high quality photography
Facebook: Can give instant response to your brand, don’t forget to share in relevant groups.
Quora: Ask your customers or friends to review you here.


Are you really suggesting that photographs of underfloor heating products (the OP’s stated niche) are going to appeal to the masses? I don’t use Instagram, but that seems highly unlikely to me.


Yes, it does. Many industrial and engineering companies trying their best in fb and insta. Anything that catches visual attraction generate followers. Even videos like: “Making knife from bolts” are famous these days. High time!


I recommend using Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The best effect can be obtained by using all social networks. The more social signs your site gets the better.


Yes, Totally agree with John_Betong.
In addition you can also join Groups related to your business to post your products or services .


I think Instagram and Facebook is best for eCommerce sites .


For business and industrial customers try Linkedin.


whilst this is not answering your question on which social platform to use, i would add that having a very detailed website is crucial.

Having recently installed UFH in my house i found it quite hard to understand at times as i had to learn the names of parts etc. If i were you i’d create pages on each part stating what it does, how to install it, alternative names etc You’ll then pick up search engine traffic from people like me trying to find that info.

For example i just bought a wiring centre. there are 2 types from what i can see 240v and 24v versions. I have no idea which is better and have gone with 240v as it was cheaper and i wasn’t sure what transformers i needed for the 24v version. I couldn’t find a page explaining the difference so if i were you i’d write one with a title something like ‘240v vs 24v underfloor heating actuators’ and mention the control centres and actuators etc etc. If you do a google search on that title right now all you will get is websites selling 24v or 240v parts but with no explanation of which to choose or why.


The best selling platform for your product would be Facebook. Insta won’t be a solid option in my opinion, product is not suited for visual marketing (that’s not flowers/cars/etc, which are really good for Instagram). Try twitter as well, it is another solid option for you.


You need to manage all the social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram and twitter all the three should be collectively managed for social media marketing. In addition to that you can use gmail campaigns also. you will get fruitful results.


Thank you so much !!!
I see that everybody think Facebook, followed by Instagram. And I really like the idea of Noppy about getting all products together and explain in a simple way how everything work in Underfloor heating.


Hi There,

Since the product you are selling is B2C, I would recommend Facebook. Facebook is the perfect place to approach masses and get traction on products that are targeted towards general public.

You can also join relevant groups on Facebook to build an audience.