Best social media for e-commerce



We found that Facebook and Twitter is not easy to use to promote our business as underfloor heating is not an easy product to promote. However, we did find that LinkedIn is doing very well for our company.


I would say that facebook will work just nicely for promotion and communication…
Youtube can be great as well if you, for example, make video overviews or something like that.


you should use Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to promote your Business.
Create attractive graphics, banners and videos for that.


Did you read the full thread before replying, @sashasav4enko and @MarkMiller24x7? The OP has already reported back:

If you still believe Facebook and Twitter should work well, then please offer some specific advice, relevant to the OP’s niche.


I was doing some research and discovered / learnt that Infographics is the new trend. Also that infographics is very compatible and user friendly for all social platforms. So wish me luck, this is what I’m working on now. Will keep you updated as to whether it is a success.


It depends on the niche of the business but usually Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are very nice choice to go with.


I would say to try both Facebook and Instagram to see which works best. And, if you have time try Twitter as well since sometimes it’s hit and miss with social media and it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to repost.


Thank you for the input.


I have placed a paid ad on Facebook which has reached more than 11 000 people and still no increase in sales.


I think you need to look at this from the point of view of potential customers. If you wanted to buy heating (or exterior wall cladding, or carpeting, or any other major household item), would your first port of call be social media?

I don’t claim to be a typical customer, but it’s not where I’d be looking.


From experience, most “people” who look at FB ads are fake accounts.


My aim is to make my business more visible. So hence me trying all avenues of advertising.
And thank you so much for your feedback as you are always so helpful.


My point was just that you are more likely to have success if you can target your advertising to people who are already looking for your products. Heating isn’t something you buy on a whim as the result of seeing an ad, so you really want to find people who are already at least thinking about new heating.


Not mine. A more likely scenario would be that I notice an advertisement like:

Providing the best quality whatevers exclusively to Northshire, Eastdale and Havenport for 35 years"

Later, if I became interested in a whatever or a friend asked if I knew of any whatever providers in the Northshire area, conditional on my remembering the advertisement, it would be at that time that a conversion might happen.

Advertisements are not only immediate return on investment, and often are delayed return.


you can take help of every social media platform…every one now use these social media and take help of it…So you will get big traffic from here…


I think Facebook is best option for e-commerce side so you have to use Facebook . You can increase your followers and join more group related to your business. you can post any article or any blog so it will help to increase your business.


Basically Facebook Is Best Source For Ecommerce Portal


Can you explain why you think that? A bland opinion without any facts to back it up is of little help to anyone.


To all posters:

The OP has already explained that they have tried both Facebook and Twitter posting, and Facebook advertising, but with very little success.

Please don’t recommend Facebook (or any other social media site) without offering some concrete advice relevant to the OP’s business.


Instagram and Pinterest are the best to boost when you have something to present visually attractive images of products.

How social media is important for a new website?