Best social media for e-commerce



We found that Facebook and Twitter is not easy to use to promote our business as underfloor heating is not an easy product to promote. However, we did find that LinkedIn is doing very well for our company.


I would say that facebook will work just nicely for promotion and communication…
Youtube can be great as well if you, for example, make video overviews or something like that.


you should use Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to promote your Business.
Create attractive graphics, banners and videos for that.


Did you read the full thread before replying, @sashasav4enko and @MarkMiller24x7? The OP has already reported back:

If you still believe Facebook and Twitter should work well, then please offer some specific advice, relevant to the OP’s niche.


I was doing some research and discovered / learnt that Infographics is the new trend. Also that infographics is very compatible and user friendly for all social platforms. So wish me luck, this is what I’m working on now. Will keep you updated as to whether it is a success.


It depends on the niche of the business but usually Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are very nice choice to go with.


I would say to try both Facebook and Instagram to see which works best. And, if you have time try Twitter as well since sometimes it’s hit and miss with social media and it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to repost.


Thank you for the input.