Best practice for html email templates

Hi everybody,
Just looking for some opinions on how others do this. I am using phpmailer, very happy with it. I now have to send emails in html format, but the client wants to be able to write their own mails and include their own markup html.

The way I used to do it, was have my own template, and get the users to enter text in fields on a form and use these for the subject and body of the email.

I notice that phpmailer can use and external html file, is it better practice to get my code to create the html file?

Can anybody advise a good wysiwyg editor for users to use?

Can you advise on how you do this ?


The best way to handle HTML emails is to use a template, to layout the design and wrapper for the content in a way that your client cannot break.

Then create a system where they can edit regions within this template using whatever text editor you want.

I have to agree, email is one of those technologies that’s become so broken beyond repair (in terms of HTML markup) that the only viable solution is a template or 3rd party service (like MailChimp). Trying to build an HTML rich email from scratch is like being back in the 90’s and attempting to build a site that works equally well in IE5 and Netscape. If it were just you doing it, you could probably use trial and error, but HTML email is not client friendly at all. :frowning: