Best Place to sell Adult Sites?

I have an Adult website that me and a few friends started 8 months ago. I got some brilliant coders and developers to create a wild system where the user can narrow down and find the exact type of video their looking for, we even custom coded an entire back-end system to plug in advertisements. The site within a couple months started generating $300-$400 a month, now for the past couple months none of us have anytime to work on it and we simply want to sell it.

So I am curious if anyone has experience in this realm and where they may have went to sell a similar site.

Adult sites very well. . However, very few people who are selling such sites. But I know a place can help to you. That is open to Japanese AV country is very Xin countries such as Japan, the values of such sites is at the end of

There’s lot of adult webmaster boards, that would probably be a good place to start.