Best php project organisation

I have been stuck for weeks on a php project. What is the best way to organise my project structure? should I use templating engine like smarty? how do I use ajax and still get the web app SEO optimized if I am using ajax. Please help

This is an incredibly open ended question, and with all due respect, every person who responds will have their own opinions. I think you need to break this down into the actual problems that you’re facing. What is the purpose of the project? Are you the sole dev? How experienced are you? Do you have any knowledge of front-end tech like Javascript or JS libraries like jQuery?

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Thanks Antee. I am the developer and I have experience with jquery as well and smarty templating engine. But I have issues using JavaScript with smarty template engine. Is there a way to successfully use smarty with javascript (Ajax to be specific)

I can’t see why not. I’ve used Smarty with AJAX in the past, though not for a few years now. The simple solution is often to render a block from a page, rather than an entire page (ie don’t render the header and footer), and send that block in your AJAX response and using JS (whether directly or via jQuery or similar) replace/append the HTML that you received. There’s no reason why a server-side template engine should have any bearing on the front-end code

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