Prestashop and Smarty Templating Language

Hey there,

I have to design an ecommerce shop using prestashop. I have installed it and its all very impressive, tons of features blah blah blah…I know how to alter the master CSS file for layout etc but I have just discovered that if I want any of the power over my final layout, i.e. adding in new html of my own and using JQuery, Flash, I will have to learn something called Smarty which is a PHP templating language.

I hate out of the box plugins like this and need to know:

  1. Has anyone worked with this API and do you have any advice for me?
  2. How do I open these .TPL files in Dreamweaver.
  3. Is it difficult to learn? Right now this project is turning into a time trap and I feel like coding the whole thing from scratch rather than blundering around in someone else’s API for weeks.

You can learn the basics of Smarty in a few hours, I did.