Best javascript "light box" function for stable reliable use

I am hoping somebody might enlighten me as to what is the best Java related library (and / or utility) preferably within Jquery that is stable and functions in Mozilla, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (versions 7 & 8) to accomplish the following. I want to deploy a Java driven “light box” for showing photos, (JPEG’s and PNG’s). I am currently using some code that I picked up from the site point book roughly titled: from novice to ninja - that works well in Mozilla but does not function in Internet explorer 8. Any feedback you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Just as a side note, you mean JavaScript rather than Java, as Java is an unrelated programming language.

Most of the lightbox scripts work just find in all browsers. My favorite is Slimbox2.

Thanks. I installed slimbox2 per your suggestion and I am pleased. Thanks again for your help.

You’re welcome. I’m glad that helped. :slight_smile: