Slimbox script or light box

I wanted to use one of following script in my site but I could not use it. It does not work in my site.

my site

Can you help on it.

Other example also available

There are some 404 (not found) errors for the jquery script and the custom css.

I could not figure out it ?

Which web browser are you using?

I use firefox, IE8 & Google chrome

Okay, with Google Chrome load your page, then use Ctrl+Shift+J
You should see what it failed to load.

With Internet Explorer use F12, go to Network, start capturing, then reload the page.

I just want to know step by step instruction to use these kind of script.

Either slim box or light box.

So far I have been using online site builder so I am not that expert. I just do copy & paste

Typically step by step instructions are provided by the script makers. Or failing that, working examples are included with it, from which you can learn what needs to be done.

i did & followed. But I could not make it

You are still missing files from your server that the HTML page is attempting (but failing) to access.

Really !

I copied all files and uploaded it. May need some customization ?

What is these lines ?

<a href=“images/image-1.jpg” rel=“lightbox-cats”>image #1</a>
<a href=“images/image-2.jpg” rel=“lightbox-cats”>image #2</a>
<a href=“images/image-3.jpg” rel=“lightbox-cats”>image #3</a>


<link rel=“stylesheet” href=“css/slimbox2.css” type=“text/css” media=“screen” />

Can I put all above lines together ?

what is the work of above lines ? I am confused on above

The images are the images that will be shown in the slimbox

The style sheet is what’s used to control the presentation of how the slimbox looks.

You can’t put them together. The stylesheet needs to be in the head section of the html page, while the images need to be in the body.

I use soho site builder. That is online. When i want to put image i upload image and drag to the body. other hand for the custom code i save it .inc file and also upload it and again drag to body or head section.

There is no help that I can give you for that.

I made changes as instructed but still does not work.

here is the test page.

Finally I got fixed it. But still I am not satisfied. I wanted to put more images as example given below but showing few images in the page.

what kind of code shall need for that ?

Photo Gallery example