Best javascript framework for massive CRUD web app


I’m planning to develop a huge professional website with CRUD needs. My database will be MySQL and customers should be able to purchase a service online.

I’ve seen some website using backbone.js, underscore.js, modrnzr.js and other javascript framework.

Few really use angularJS while it is pomoted as THE javascript for massive CRUD requests application.

Behind for server communication i think i will use PHP.

Please could you tell me what are the plus and minus of those javascript frameworks and why people use mostly backbone and modernizr.js ?

I’ currently reading a book about angularjs and i don’t want to waste my time with it if backbone is the javascript i need.

Till now i read the angularjs is the CRUD javascript framework, modernizr.js is use to detect browser capability of css3/html5 but what about others ?

Thans a lot.


I would have a look at this, which is a reasonable comparison of Angular, Backbone and Ember

Underscore and modenizr solve different problems (underscore provides a bunch of useful functional programming helpers, whilst modenizr is a feature detection library).

Not sure what you mean here.
Angular can handle CRUD operations quite nicely, as this SitePoint tutorial shows:


For a CRUD web application you also need to have a back-end framework to connect your MySQL database to your AngularJS app which is only client-side.

If you want to stick with MySQL and Angular you can go with CASE which is a nice CRUD Framework. That allow you to use only JS/TS on the whole app, which is easier that managing a PHP codebase and a JS one.