Best Image URLs for SEO

when coding pictures into my site, i typically leave off the url, and just leave the picture location. for instance, instead of

i will typically eliminate the site to save code and space so it looks like


however, i’ve noticed that my images are not ranking as well as they should in google images. could that be because i am removing the site url from the code?

please advise. thanks in advance.

Providing the search engines can actually find the image, it’s not going to make a scrap of difference which form you use for the URL. It’s better to focus on the image’s alt text, its caption, and the contents of the surrounding text. Those are the signals the engines will use to determine what the picture contains and whether it’s relevant to a given query.

How can you tell? Have you got some trick for finding how well an image “should” rank?


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Keyword in file !! keyword of picture !! Alt tag !! Title tag !! Caption !! with keyword density in your article. That all most important. good luck. (Don’t forget to send your article to Google Index)

Whether you’ve got absolute, relative or root URLs in your source code shouldn’t make any difference to search engines – they will see the “interpreted” URL, which includes the full file path, and they won’t care how that has been derived. That’s just as true whether you’re talking about web pages or images.

Have you checked Google’s guidelines for images? Follow those and you won’t go far wrong.

Basically, a good URL for images is the one the describe the images. example, if you are posting images for a Holiday tree, a good url would be something like this; wp-content/uploads/2014/11/holiday-tree.

For your images to be crawled by search engine fast, start with the file name. Rename your images. instead of uploading in with a filename like ‘img1.jpg’ mke it more descriptive, e.g ‘holiday-tree.jpg’. And always remember to put alt tags to your images. Alt tag serves as the keyword of your image.

No, the alt attribute is there to provide meaning for those unable to see the image - whether through visual impairment or because the image has failed to load. (See the link in my previous post for examples of what Google considers good and bad alt text.)

I agree with tabmore… add your keyword in the link (file name) of the image. This is important for SEO and also helps the image be found in the Google Image search feature, in addition to alt text.