Best framework for consuming web servives?


I had a long and interesting chat with a friend regarding a large project I’m working on. A big part of the scope is to put together xml web service queries via PHP DOM to fire off to APIs and then deal with the responses.

As a php guy who hasn’t yet got into frameworks or Ruby on the Rails, I can see that this is going to be very time consuming as there more than 30 different calls to cover. My friend is advising that I learn Visual Web Developer Express which will do this much quicker. That would pretty much mean ditching all my current server side scripting knowledge and starting from scratch.

I’m willing to do this if need be but wondered whether anyone had any thoughts on this - particularly whether there might be a more efficient option that would still be PHP based and maybe more applicable to my existing skills.

Not too sure whether that might be frameworks, Ruby or something else I’m not even aware off.

All advise greatly appreciated.

Will have a look into Zend.

Appreciate the advice.

Have a look through the zend modules there are various ones that deal with web services
e.g zend_soap zend_xmlrpc zend_service etc