Learning Web Services

I am looking for information or help on learning “web services”. As of right now the only coding i know is HTML and CSS. Is there another language i should learn or get basic knowledge of first?

Currently using an online software solution for an inventory/ order entry program that requires web services to import/export information from the system.

Thanks for any help or pointing me in the right direction.

You’ll likely need PHP or ASP.NET to interact with their web service.

Basically with a web service, you do a specially formatted HTTP request to the service (usually as POST, but some use GET, PUT, etc). It’ll then give you information back in a formatted way as well which you then have to parse using PHP, ASP.NET, etc.

Before going too in-depth in the specifics, you’ll have to pick up and understand one of those languages (I recommend PHP) before you’ll be able to really do anything with their web service.

Thanks - Currently this is all the information i have gotten from the software provider on the web services, and my main goal is to access the “add Order” service to automate imports from one eCommerce system into this.

OrderManagement Web Service

Would this be easier accomplished using the php or asp?

Would be transferring orders from yahoo and Volusion carts which i believe can be automatically exported in XML so would need to be parsed into their layout is my guess…?

Thanks again.

Either should be about as difficult and/or easy. I personally prefer PHP. But like I said, you’ll need to understand the language before you can use this web service properly (it won’t be a case of where people can just give you a code snippet and that’s all you need… it’ll require some serious development).