Best feedback service - need advise

Hi everybody!

I’ve decided to use some web service to manage visitors feedback on the site. There’s a bunch of them on the net such as UserVoice, CrowdSound, BetaEasy etc.

I was wondering maybe somebody already has used some of them and can help me in making a choice.

Appreciate your replies

AlexDawson, sorry for silence and thanks for your reply.

I took a look at GS but they provide api access for $289/month. At this moment it’s little expensive for me :slight_smile:

So I made my choice for BetaEasy. It has ability to integrate feedback button into software and I’m going to implement this feature soon. I’m using BetaEasy for little more than two weeks and found it’s support fast and helpful enough.

No question for me, everyone I know uses Get Satisfaction. Visitors “get it”, it’s easy to implement, it does the job and I would give it the thumbs up. :slight_smile: