Best feedback tools out there?

What are the best feedback tools?
I really want to use a feedback tool on my site.

Do you have any specialized requirement? I got this simple script.

Can i see the script i was think more of a service
between kampyle, uservoice, getsatisfaction something like those
i cant decide which though

I’m like you trying to understand which tool is the best for feedback.
I’ve already tried Kampyle but decided to switch to getSatisfaction because of the forum they offer to the users. I’m using getsatisfaction till today.
my site is on air for the last 2 month with around 60K unique visitors and i only have 6 feedbacks till now !

I’m trying to understand how can i increase it.
should i use another tool or any other advise you have ?

thanks in advance.

psebdo, changing tools will not increase feedback, the problem isn’t the method you are using, it’s that you are not actively encouraging people on your website to give feedback. You need to physically ask them to give feedback (actively) to get people to want to interact with you. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the quick response.
How would you recommend actively encourage people to give feedbacks ?
I have a feedback sign on every page. what would you recommend me to do ?

thanks in advance!

Well it really depends on the target audiance, people need a reason behind taking part in something, sometimes people have competitions, other times they make things simpler by having polls which people can quickly give a bit of time too. Whatever you choose to do it needs to be convenient and rewarded because you are asking your visitors to use their precious time to help you improve your own website, being creative is the best way to think about how best to attract people, while having links on every page is good for getting noticed, it does not gaurantee people will want to click on it :slight_smile:

I agree with Alex, you will get the same amount of feedback from different tools in proportion to how much you ask for it… I also used getsatisfaction for my site, what i didnt like about it is that everyone can see whats wrong with your site…
I just checked out kampyle as I was leaving a friendly popup came up and asked me if I wanted to leave feedback, i did, the feedback form was very friendly and nice looking. Also the button is very cool looking which is why ive decided to go with kampyle
anyone have any reason not to? or anyone know of anything better?

Tell me, did people use getsatisfaction on your site ?

I understand i should motivate my users by rewards, competition etc but my site is a search engine. how can i motivate them. i want them to search and find and get out to their business. i just want to know whats bugging them and what i can improve.

Well one example is Scour, they are a not very well known search engine who reward people with points and money for performing a search. For feedback you could hold a competition and offer a prize that anyone who provides feedback will be entered into the draw so you could promote people to give feedback by offering a chance to win something. People are more likely to contribute if you give them the insentives and motivation to participate, its standard psychology. :slight_smile:


i think useridea. com - is the best choise for website feedback

I can’t believe those 4 services is all we got. Anything else?

I use the dropbox from Zendesk, it integrates with the rest of my support ticket system so I don’t have a separate place for feedback, online support and e-mail support.

The dropbox is like GetSatisfaction – a tab anchored somewhere over the page that pops up a modal window when clicked. Except with Zendesk, the window is a customizable contact form, rather than an idea list or something like that. You can customize the text of the tab, call it “Feedback” if you’d like.

A single user account with Zendesk is $9 per month.