Best day of your life?

Best day of your life?

My life is not over, I hope the best day of my life is still to come, if not its going to be a long disappointing number of years. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

the day I figure your angle here…

maybe I have just been around for too long but my chest hairs are tingling…

When we met after 3 years.

tomorrow :wink:

May it be 4? The days that my children were born

Apart from all philosophical considerations… the day I met my wife :slight_smile:

Their have been a few but the one that really stands out is when I got married to my wife on my birthday.

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The best day of my life is my birthday.

Your reply make me remember an article I read. That’s about an athlete. Others ask him, which is your best performance? He answered, the next one.

At the very beginning, I think your answer is the best. For you have a good hope of tomorrow. The life with hope won’t be bitter.

But I also remember a book named Vajracchedika-sutra. It says that there is no past, and there will be no tomorrow. You always live at the moment of right now. Now I agree with the book, just live at the moment of NOW! So today is the best day!

there may not be a tomorrow

today FTW !!!


The day I was born. It was pretty brilliant.