Best country to study in europe...erasmus!


I’m in the 2nd year of “Comunication and Design Multimedia” and I’m really interested in doing the Erasmus programme for the next year. For those that don’t know about Erasmus, it is a student exchange programme around Europe for higher education (university, etc).

My university has some agreements, not many, and what I’d like from you is information! If you live in the same country as any of the following universities, or you know about it, whats your opinion about them? Did you study there? Which one do you think is the best?

Here are my options:

  • Pirkanmaa Polytechnic - @ Finland
  • Faculdad de Ciências de la Information - @ Spain (Salamanca)
  • Facultat de Ciencies de la Comunicacion - @ Spain (Barcelona)
  • School of Information and Comunication in Gruningen - @ Holland
  • Warsaw University - @ Poland
  • Cumbria College of Art and Design - @ UK
  • Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis - @ France
  • Technikum Joanneum Gmbh - @ Austria
  • Banku Augstskola - @ Lethonia
  • Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi - @ Turkey
  • Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen - @ Belgium

The only university I knew before getting interested in this programme, was Cumbria College, and many people already told me this is a good one. The problem is $. I think the life there is too expensive. I don’t know about the rest of the countries tho… :sick:

Looking at that list, the only country I’ve visited is Spain, and that stays too close to where I’m living right now (Portugal). And what I want is to get far away from Portugal, just go out there for one year and study/party/have fun. The weather is something to consider too, sun is good, cold/rain is bad!

Of course that studying is not the only thing I’m worried about. Partying too! Actually, the erasmus site I posted has a nice paragraph that explains why I want to do this…

Have you ever wished to live and study abroad? Have you ever wanted to get to know a different culture, study at a foreign university, meet new friends, learn another language, all at the same time?

That says it all!

My Sis did Erasmus at Amsterdam - Gruningen doesn’t look quite as fun though :frowning:

Not got the greatest weather in most of those locations…I’d give Turkey a try - …er…just because!

Holland is a fun place in general! (or maybe I’m the only one thinking that way…)

Yea, maybe most of those places don’t have a great weather, but as long as it isn’t TOO cold, I’m ok with it.

Groningen is a great city. It’s what’s called in Holland a ‘Student city’, as the economy revolves around all of the students there.

I’ve heard nothing but good things from all of my friends that studied there (I lived in Holland for 10 years). I would much prefer Groningen to Amsterdam, it’s basically got the same things, but, there are less tourists, less junkies, and more young women…

I have a few friend who have studied there and they do really well now in IT :slight_smile: Some left to Portugal, US, UK to work for their companies - seems that their bosses appreciate their knowledge.
Just my 2 cents…

Stay away from Finland!!

… and north-eastern Europe in general. I would definitley pick Turkey, France or the Neatherlands (yeah, it IS legal there :D).

Belgium has a high reputation when it comes to education
However, I wouldn’t advice coming here as you most probably don’t like the weather :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d pick Finland

Isn’t Sabancı University @ Turkey in the list? I’d really recommend coming to Turkey, however Bilgi University isn’t such a prestigeous school…

My university has agreements with some colleges around europe, not many, (I wished there were more) and Sabanci isn’t one of them. But I’ve heard good things about the other univeristy I posted that is also located in Turkey - Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi. Some colleagues stayed there the last year and they really liked it.

Thanks for the tip, ehe. About the university in Belgium - Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen - a friend told me that Kempen is not the greatest place in Belgium to study, what do you think?

By legal, do you mean cannabis or prostitution? They both are!
I’ll tell you one thing… Legalize it and I’ll advertise it! :smiley: cheers.

Thanks for the helpful tip. I’m having a hard finding an IT course at the Warsaw University website - :confused:

Now that was a really good helpful marvelous info. Thank you very much. Each day I’m more interested in going to Holland the next year, its going to be my 1st pick, and I’m still undecided about the rest.

Thanks for the replies.

PS - Thanks to the mod that moved the thread :wink:

I confirm that. If you want to learn something then stay away from this region (that includes “Banku Augstskola” that you listed). There are no skilled people to teach you anything. The most you can learn here is how to install ms windows and how to use ms frontpage. And I live in that region so I do know what I’m talking about.

I didn’t know that, but if you say so… thanks for the info :slight_smile:

PS - What do you think about Austria?

I don’t know anything about the schools, but I have been to salamanca and Barcelona and would recommend the area. Oh, how I would love to get back to Spain!

They have semi-separated Institute of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics:

Different location, not too close to main University “Campus”.

OK, thanks for the info varelse.

Yes, Salamanca and Barcelona are great places. :wink:

Hi, all!

I’d recommend Istanbul Bilgi University. I don’t have much info about it but it’s said to be a prestigeous one. Plus, you will stay in Istanbul and will fall in love with the city. I am a foreign student in Istanbul and it’s great to be in here when in pocket there are much bucks :wink: A historical metropolitan which situates on two continents, great architectural buildings, friendly people and many others. But you should think twice before you decide where to study iin order not to regret later :slight_smile:

P.S: Istanbul is said to be a cheap metropolitan in comparison to others :smiley:

As far as Cumbria College goes, it’s in the north of England so the cost of living isn’t nearly as much as in South-East England (you won’t be paying London prices for everything). On the other hand, it’s also one of the coldest and rainiest parts of the country and I doubt Carlisle is a great party city.

Another factor you might want to bear in mind is the ease of learning the local language (or whether only need to know English or another language you already speak).

Thanks for the comments bamAZY and Grademedia.

bamAZY, Turkey is also an option I’m considering. I’m putting in as 2nd or 3rd choice on my application. Last year, two people from my course went to Istanbul Bilgi University in the Erasmus Exchange Program, and they liked a lot.

Grademedia, many thanks for the valuable info also. For me, Cumbria College has its goods/bads. As I’ve heard its one good and prestigious college (you confirm?), on the other hand, the weather and prices (although, you already talked about that) are my concerns.

The course I’m gona choose as 1st pick, is in English, but thanks for concerning.

For those interested, I’m going to pick ‘Creating communication campaigns’ theme in School of Information and Comunication in Gruningen

Heya, I live in Latvia :slight_smile:

  • Banku Augstskola - @ Lethonia

Well, I personally go to Riga Technical University myself, but BA is a nice school, not very large though (which may be even better). The study level there is just the same as in all other universities, pretty much. My brother’s wife studied there, and she liked it. I would have studied there as well, but I got a full scholarship in Riga Technical University.

You will find cost of living in Latvia, when compared to Portugal, to be pretty damn low. I lived in Portugal for 3 and a half years, and it’s quite the difference.

However, as the name suggests, it’s a Banking University, it does have other programmes as well, but it’s main specialization is banking. What sort of a course are you looking for?

Also, depending on the season, for a portuguese person, Latvia can be quite cold :smiley: I had a friend come over here and he froze over, even though it was mere October :smiley: Then again, that might just be what you want :wink:

Thanks for the info Edman, appreciate it!.

I’m looking for Design and Multimedia courses (it can be related to Communication also). In the list of universities for Erasmus that my college offered, Banku Augstskola is listed in the Communication Area. Maybe it was a mistake on their part or something. :rolleyes:

Have you considered Australia, ket? It’s a great place.