Best CMS for Galleries


I am planning to start a website for wallpapers gallery. Which is the best CMS for doing it. I want readymade template for it.

I want wallpapers tabs on the home page. Like wen somebody click on the tab that should go in to particular category.
Category >>Sub Category >> Wallpapers
Ex. Actors wallpapers >> Actors List >> Gallery.

Thanks for your help.

I am a photographer and I prefer Wordpress, I really think it is the best CMS all around.

Yes I have done many sites for photographers and most of them suggest that Wordpress is easier for them to manage compared to other CMS.

I think it has a faster learning curve compared to other CMS which makes it popular amongst most of the user base.

I think you required WordPress. It’s not just left for blogs anymore now it can be a fully functioning (CMS)content management system, letting you can build and manage your own site without breaking the bank. It’s easy to use so if you can use Microsoft Word, you can easily use WordPress for your website.There are available so many plugins, NextGEN Gallery is a fully integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress.

I don’t think there’s a CMS / image gallery combination out there that I like as well as Silverstripe.

And I’ve used about a million CMSs, and about 2 million image galleries for those CMSs.

Check out this video, skip to about 1:10 in the timeline and start watching there:


I’ll prefer you to go for Wordpress CMS based Phography theme. There are lots of photography themes available on Themeforest. So just give it a look and go ahead… Wordpress is the easiest platform if we talk in terms of user friendlyness.