Best City For Front-End Developer Jobs?

Not sure if this is the best place on the forum to post this question, so if there is a better place let me know.

My fiance’s job will be moving us to one of the cities below. I will be trying to get my first job as a front end web developer and am trying to figure which one would provide the most opportunities. So far my ranking methodology is based on the number of job listings returned on Indeed when I search keywords “Front End Developer”.

By the time we move I will have a year of programming experience and will be trying to get my first development job.

Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated. For instance, I have heard that their are fewer developers on the east coast so New York might trump San Francisco in my case.

1 Bay Area (San Fran, Oakland, San Jose) - CA
2 New York - NY
3 Washington - DC
4 Boston - MA
5 Chicago - IL
6 Seattle - WA
7 Atlanta - GA
8 Dallas - TX
9 Philadelphia - PA
10 Baltimore - MD
11 Denver - CO
12 Minneapolis - MN
13 San Diego - CA