A front end developer salary (in New York)

Hi, I’m thinking about working as a front end developer in New York, but I have absolutely no idea what an appropriate salary is there. Is there anyone who works in the New York web-industry here who can tell me this?

On Indeed it says the average salary is $89,000, is that realistic? I could hardly believe it.

I have 5 years of agencyexperience and am currently employed by one of the best/largest webagencies in The Netherlands.
My html/css/javascript are on expert skilllevel.
Other relevant skills are a few years of xml/xslt/php/jsp/mysql/subversion and 1.5 year of django/python.
And no design and flash experience.

I also have no clue what kind of culture there is in the US webindustry, is it different than in Europe? Has anyone experience with both?
I’m also very curious how much other people make with doing this kind of work, please tell about what kind of experience you have, how much you get paid and in which city you work.
O and for anyone who is just curious; my yearsalary with the above workexperience is around $40,500 (please don’t laugh)

Maybe this question has been asked a gazilion times, I really couldn’t find an post-banking-crisis-up-to-date answer or an answer to this specific question.

Depending on experience that number isn’t unrealistic. I would say 5 years of working experience could warrant that type of salary. In my opinion 40K is a bite of a joke/lack of respect for 5 years experience. You also have to account for the living expense of New York. New York living expenses are pretty high. So high that 89K isn’t really all that much money in respect to living cost.

By all means, I don’t live near NYC but I do live near DC. I think $89000 is way too high… then again you listed “jsp”. I’d say your best bet is to expand on Java Web from your skills. If you know Java, few great open source frameworks like Spring, and some basic web skill then $90k doesn’t seem far fetch for me. Then again $90k sounds like someone w/ 6~7 yrs of experience…g’luck!