Beginners → How they can Learn Javascript (Small Javascript Projects)

Based on my experience I believe that just getting struck at the fundamentals makes our journey too slow. so I wonder if there are 5-10 small javascripts projects that one can utilize towards his learning curve.

Please suggest me something.

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  1. make a JavaScript component using a prototype, which you can reuse with different configurations across your application. This will make you understand OOP with JavaScript
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  1. Create a wrapper of your own for event model methods such as addEventListener, removeEventListener… That standarises inconsistencies between browsers. Warning, you’re jumping into the deepend here but cannot think of a more valuable lesson than learning the weak bits and these are them.
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Select from this forum (or any other of your choise) some posts and give them to solve.I think that this forum has a lot of coding bugs and problem with pluralism and with this way you can choose everything that you has your criteria , you have different solutions, and finally they practice in a realistic bugs.

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