Suggest a project

Hi guys,

Can you suggest a JS project for me to do.
The project must have good purpose.
The project should utilize OOP, prototyping, closure etc…

My purpose for this is to hone my JS skills.

Thanks in advance.

Hi solidcodes,

The answer is a very decisive “It depends”.

I think you can learn most if you do something you are interested in and that has some real world value to you.

Example: I wanted to learn how to build GUIs in Ruby and the secretary at work kept pestering me with loads of minor updates to the web page. So I built her a small tool with which she could update the site herself. I learnt a load and it cut me some slack at work - a win- win situation :slight_smile:

So the questions: what are you interested in and what has real world value to you?

I’d add that if you want to learn Javascript specifically consider a Single Page Application as this brings the majority of your development to the client side, maybe start with something on top of AngularJS.

Just pure JS no framework, any suggestion is welcome.

@Pullo ;

Thanks dude, I’ll wait for the other members to suggest.
I need to hear their ideas too.