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I have written a website for work that is my first proper website - it has all gone so well with advice and tutorials online to help. However, I seem to have hit my biggest issue. I want to put a calendar onto the website, but neither the Outlook option nor the Google option have worked.

I have an Outlook account through work, but our options are locked out for security reasons by the main IT department, so getting past the export/embedding issues there is not possible.

I created a Google account and calendar, and dutifully copied over the embed code for my calendar into the webpage. However it only displays the calendar while I am logged into the Google account, not when I log out. It is invisible to anyone else, which makes it pointless. I have tried using the Google forum to troubleshoot it, to no avail. They all say that what I have done should work beautifully every time.

Fine, I thought, I'll see whether there is a free template or tutorial, as there have been for my other website learning. I saw loads of beautiful templates in HTML and CSS, or with bits of JavaScript included, but somehow I cannot seem to get them to work.

I'm fairly confident that I could design a nice looking calendar with HTML and CSS. The bit I will struggle with is learning how to write the active part of the thing, where it allows events to be added by authorised users and will scroll ahead through the year/s. Has anyone got any experience or advice they could share to help me use the templates well or write my own calendar?


I'm not sure what the problem is there. You should be able to embed a Google Calendar with an iframe. I have done it before, though not recently. Maybe there are some privacy settings on the calendar where you decide what is visible to the public and not just the logged in creator.

Unless you are going to manually edit events into the html, you will need more than plain html and css to do this.
It will require some back-end (server-side) scripting and likely a database to hold events info.
I have made these myself with PHP scripting and MySQL databases, but it's quite involved unless you are very familiar with server side scripting and databases.
Another alternative if that is too daunting to you is plugins. I'm aware the popular CMSs have calendar plugins. I'm not sure if there are any that can be integrated with a regular hand-built site, it's possible.

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