Becoming Proficient in HTML/CSS

Hello i was wondering how long it actually takes to become proficient in html/css im currently doing diplomia in web dev and ive learnt html/css and i’m being offered a job as a sole web developer at a sales company on completion of my diploma , any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou.

This depends on the person and the time you dedicate, of course.

I would say that decent in 3-4 months if you work and study all day. An expert probably in 1-2 years. @PaulOB? A life time :smiley:

Thank you

The basics are pretty straight forward and if you work everyday then 1 2 years will see you well on top of things.

However this is a fast changing industry so even experts get left behind if they don’t keep up with the new stuff (CSS3 etc). It is really a continual learning curve and you have to keep your eye on the ball at all times and not get left behind.

Keep up to date by subscribing to all the best sites and learning as much as you can especially about responsive/mobile design as they are the main things these days.

Feels like it at times :smile:


A month if you put your mind into it. Practice makes perfect.

They say practice makes perfect…I still make mistakes, but I think I am better than I was a year ago, but have to learn a lot more than just trying to use Dreamweaver to make my code “proficient”

With CSS it’s really trial and error to be honest, if anyone says they’re magicians at CSS, take them with a pinch of salt

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Depends on how fast you pick things up…how much dedication you bring to the table.

You need to make it your passion. There is so much to learn that doing this in your free time may be needed.

CSS isn’t trial and error at all. For the most part you can expect what sort of result you will get (depends on experience.)

I didn’t say all of it was trial and error, its mainly the styles that don’t go according to plan

That goes for any language though - not having expected results. Should we take any proclaimed PHP magicians with a grain of salt?

Majority of the time though, if you are proficient (with say PHP) you will at least be very close to what you want.

So that’s where I went wrong :smile:


through my course ill be learning C# from what i understand its a server side language , we do not learn PHP is this a issue in your opinion? or should i also go out of my way to learn PHP?

C# is not a server side language per se. I would say is generic. Now, C# with the .NET framework can be used as a server side language. :wink:

thanks Molona
We do also learn .net framework
in your opinon which one is better? framework vs PHP
I do understand the answer may change from person to person due to prefrences

C# can be used as the language for .NET AFAIK but in of itself it is not a server side language.

So that’s an issue in and of itself :slight_smile: .

Do YOU want to learn PHP? There are other great options. The PHP market is saturated.

What is AFAIK?
Do i want to learn PHP? That would go to the strength of the language for Developing websites.
also what are some other options?
Thank you.

As Far As I Know

This list isn’t all the languages but a great start.

RoR (Ruby On Rails)

I personally love Ruby and if you were starting fresh I’d just go with Ruby on Rails (that’s a framework of regular Ruby) has a great ruby course to get you started.

Check your lcoal area to see what languages are flourishing with jobs though.

Thank you Ryan. :smile:
Ill try out learning ruby throughout my course ill be learning
Just looked at my schedule ill be learning

Program Design Concepts Normal
Java Programming
App Programming in Visual Studio
Web Programming in Visual Studio
Advanced Web Programming
Systems Analysis and Design
Project Management
Group Development Project
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Validate an Application
Deploy an Application
Develop Mobile Applications
Advanced Mobile Application Development
Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
Developing Windows Azure and Web Services
Employment Preparation Program
Group Development Project - Concurrent element

With this program, It makes sense that you use .NET and C# because you’re environment is only Microsoft.

I don’t believe in worse or better languages. Each programming language was built to solve a particular problem so that language may be great for one thing but rubbish for other.

A real web developer may find that has to maintain or develop websites for other clients and that they already chose the technology they want to use. Maybe of them choose PHP or Ruby because the costs are cheaper. With a Microsoft only page, you need to stick to servers with Microsoft Windows Server installed. These are more expensive to hire and maintain.

But if you use PHP or Ruby or any other, you can choose freely if your web server needs to use Windows or Linux. This freedom also helps if you need to move from one provider to another.

So, at some point, when you finish this course, you’ll have to learn at leat PHP if you want to make it to the real world.

Of course, we’re talking backend programming only here


Thank you Molona your post has been very Helpful :smile:
and i have gained more insight Agian Thank you!!

Anytime :slight_smile: