How long does it take learn php, mysql, html and css?

How long does it take learn php, mysql, html and css?

How long’s a piece of string?

There’s no simple answer to that. It would depend on whether or not you’re studying them full-time, how quickly you pick things up and what level of competence you want to achieve. You can pick up the basics of HTML and CSS in a few hours, but to become really proficient will take much longer.


Forever. You never stop learning. :slight_smile:


It depends on what similar languages you already know - you’ll pick up the basics far quicker if it is the second of fiftieth such language than if it is the first.

It depends on how many similar language you know if you know Html, css, Javascript then it will be easier for you to understand PHP.

A lot of people say that too and still don’t understand PHP as much as they think they do. A large majority of PHP users only understand or have a slim grasp of procedural. It is wise to learn these things before actually learning any language because I have seen people who apparently know PHP, but fail to grasp these 3 key points.

  • Logic
  • Indentation
  • Structure

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