Batman v Superman Plot?


Does anyone have any suggestions for a plot to the forthcoming Batman v Superman Movie?

When they announced Affleck as Batman, I completely lost interest in the movie.


Bit shallow isn’t it.

I don’t think so. He’s a horrible actor and he’s coming in behind Christian Bale who was arguably the best Batman (at least since Keaton).

This is pretty interesting though, I found it looking up Keaton. First time I’ve heard of it.

Birdman (2014)

Emma Stone, Edward Norton, Michael Keaton, and Zach Galifianakis.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked Affleck in MALLRATS. He can be a good actor, if the role is right.

As mawburn pointed out, he follows Bale, arguably the best Batman (AND Bruce Wayne) since Keaton.

I don’t see Affleck being a good Batman OR Wayne.

Just my honest opinion.


I would have wanted someone new to play Batman. Or, if he’s already famous, I hoped for someone that’s younger, maybe around late 20’s or early 30’s. BTW, what’s this about? I never heard of a batman vs superman movie. Anyway, the plot I would want for batman would be something like everything going wrong against him to the point that he only has himself. I wonder how he would pick up himself. :slight_smile:


Good to know that people here also discuss some cool things here on sitepoint forum. I never known until there would be realse of the movie. Thanks for sharing.

hats of sitepoint for the wonderful forum

Hope its gonna be a good one. But since affleck is gonna be the new batman i had seconds thoughts but ill still watch it though.

best batman, Michael Keaton. Best batman movie, “Batman returns” I believe was the title. With walken, keaton, pfiffer & deVito.
As for Affleck he is not that bad. & give it a year you’ll have a new remake w/a new guy anway.

I’m kinda with most, a bit disappointed that Ben is the Batman. I’m more of a Dark Knight fan then a Justice League Batman fan, but we’ll see.

oh! Ahahaha… thanks for the link. I’ve checked it out. I’m happy Amy Adams is still the Lois Lane for this film. ahahe… Love her.

I think Affleck is a good actor and he can portray the roll of Batman better than anyone else. He worked very nice in Movie’s such as Armageddon, Shakespeare in Love and Pearl Harbor.

I would of never expected Ben to play the role, and it seems many are not happy about this.

Keaton did a great job from batman?

Keaton was both the best Batman and the best Bruce Wayne, even though I’m not a fan of the Burton campy franchise. Christian Bale is a VERY close second in both categories, and Nolan is a superior director.

Kilmer and Clooney were so-so. Just MHO.

Clooney fully admits to being the worst Batman in history.

I thought Kilmer was OK, but he was one of my favorite actors at the time. I mean, this was around the time of Tombstone, Ghost in the Darkness, and The Saint. Also, I don’t think Batman Forever’s awfulness wasn’t fully noticeable until Batman & Robin came out, plus it had Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey which helped it a little. Of course I was like 11/12 when it came out, but even then I remember it being a little over the top.

#1 is Bale, Christian
#2 is Keaton, Michael
#3 is West, Adam

All of the others do not require mentioning.

I was disappointed that Affleck was named as the next Batman BUT we’ll see what it looks like.


same here and every time i see it mentioned on facebook or twitter, i don’t hesitate to say it and tag ben affleck.

Wonder if Ben actually reads FB/Twit feeds, or just scans them, or just totally ignores them, or does he bark at the moon when he sees anything negative about him in said feeds.