Basic XML queries by a Novoice


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This underconstruction site is a very simple site which will be like a collection of other websites. This site uses iframe to display content. It will also have horizontal scrolling. There is no logic to this kind of scrolling, I followed it coz’ its cool. I have done a very basic XML integration just for the first column and am stuck because I am not a web developer or a programmer. The output of this site is basic information like Organisation Name, its URL and Tel No. And these should ideally be fed through XML.

To make it easy to understand, I have made a powerpoint presentation which encompasses the same thing. It might be easy to understand that way. Download the presentation here

Additional file that you will need. for database

The problem (I am assuming, you are on the site already):-
• How do I get a hyperlink on the URL naturally. Its necessary
• How do I get a extra line space between each entry. An entry here comprises of 3 lines — Organisation, URL, Tel No.
• How can the data displayed, automatically spill into the next cell on its right (where it starts from Site 01)
• How do I create a heading (Sub-section Head 1) in the same XML file?
And then I should also be able to start another sub section (Sub-Section Head 2) . I am ready to forgo the header where it reads Section 01.01. This need not be dynamic
• In between, how do I keep provision of Google Ad words… This will appear after every 2 or 3 column of data
• How do I create a provision for a 4th line in the data. Suppose few months down the line, I also want to add a field like CITY