How to Use XML API?

What should I learn to be able to integrate XML API with wordpress site? (including sending XML request and get XML respond), Where can I learn all those knowledge? I am very confused.:blush:

Looking forward to your advice!

To create such an interface, you need some way of handling a HTTP request, and replying with a response containing relevant data (this can be plaintext, XML, or JSON). You’d need experience in web development to implement this.

For instance, a request to would need to query some data store for the latest 10 objects, and return a representation of this data in a response.

You should learn XML Web Services if you expect to integrate outside API’s into your web applications or websites… For example, do you want your website to have Google Maps or a Twitter Feed? You might need to learn how to use XML Web Services to send request to those sites and receive an instant response which you would need to then parse and display on your website…

you can learn this topic codex word press org for proper description to use XML API.

The two most popular XML APIs used when programming with XML are the Simple API for XML (SAX) and the Document Object Model (DOM). An XML parser reads the XML and loads it into a DOM object where it can then be traversed. SAX parses a data stream and has an event-driven API. When an element, text node, comment or processing instruction occurs within the parsing of an XML document using SAX, an event is fired. <snip/>

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