Basic html troubles

I’m trying to make my page Title a link to the homepage, rather than have a ‘home’ link in the navigation bar. But it doesn’t link to anything. Here’s the html:
<div id=“header”>
<div id= “title”>
<li><a href=“homepage.html”>JOSH A BISHOP</a></li>
</div> <!–end of title div–>
<div id=“navigation”>
…and the navigation follows here.
The ‘JOSH A BISHOP’ title isn’t linking to the homepage file. And the html is correct according to the markup validation site.

The “homepage” is usually index.html instead of home, try that.

Is the page you’re linking from in the same folder as the home page?
Is the home page definitely called “homepage.html”?
Have you definitely uploaded the latest version of the page, and refreshed it in your browser?

RGuy is right, but it won’t solve your problem. What it will do is allow you to use this as your URL:

as opposed to:

That’s the ticket right there. I’m thinking you have a directory structure (folder) issue.