Got a problem!

At the bottom of each page is a link that is supposed to lead back to the home page, but on a mobile device it doesn’t get there. Google is saying that over half of website searches this year are being done on mobile devices, so this has GOT to be fixed? How? Go to, click on any item in the nav bar, and go to the “home” link at the bottom. Does it on a laptop, but WHY does it NOT work on a mobile device?

I’m seeing a 404 error, because the link is incorrectly formed.

Change this:

<a"> Home Page</a>

to this:

<a href=""> Home Page</a>

…or perhaps this…

<a href="index.html">Home Page</a>

…would suffice :winky:



You still have over 17 validation errors which means that your website may not display as you intend it in different browsers.


Another issue which may well be causing problems is that all your other links are malformed, with opening tags instead of closing tags.

		<a href=""> Birth of Rock and Roll<a>
		<a href=""> The Next Memphis Sounds<a>
		<a href=""> It all came from Memphis<a>

		<a href="">Memphis and the Mississippi<a>


All those <a> tags at the end of the links should be </a>.

Those are at the root of many of the problems reported by the validator, and it is important to fix them, if you want your site to work consistently and reliably.


It has been mentioned several times that your site contains multiple errors which need to be addressed.
You simply cannot expect broken code to function as intended in a consistent way across browsers and devices.
Work through the errors one at a time, as sometimes fixing one will fix a number of subsequent ones.
If you are stuck or do not understand an error, then ask.


Hi there lombardy160,

@Gandalf , @TechnoBear and @SamA74 have all
pointed out that you need your code to be corrected.

@coothead has taken leave of his senses and gone that
one step further. :wonky: :eyebrows: :unhappy: (27.7 KB)

I am going off to see my shrink about this unacceptable
behaviour right now. :shifty: :rolleyes: :rofl:


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It might be helpful to add notes showing what you’ve changed and why. Comparing versions to find the differences and then work out why they matter is not the easiest task if you’re unused to it.


Hi there TechnoBear,

as the O.P. doesn’t appear to have implemented any of the help
and suggestions which have been given to him in this and other
recent threads, I did not bother adding any helpful notes. :unhappy:

What I actually did was remove any HTML that seemed to be
unnecessary and any CSS that I thought would prevent the page
from being responsive. :wonky:

This process had the added benefit of causing the page to validate. :winky:

And, to be honest, whilst doing all this, I really did not have the O.P.'s
well-being in mind: it was just a little something to do during a very
quiet spell this afternoon. :biggrin:



You can put your club away, now, Coothead! I will deal with those issues now. What is curious is that the validator only mentioned 2 issues at first to me, but mentions MANY to you! What I guess needs to happen is to validate each one of the items on the navbar individually, each time a correction is made. Valid point, but NOT cause for the reactions I am seeing in here.
I have NO problems with issues being brought up, that’s what coming here is for, you folks know what to look for. Nevertheless, these issues need pointing out gently. There’s no reason for uproar!

And as soon as I mentioned the links not working, I noticed them not working from desktop either. Went after that, and found none of them had the opening quotation mark in the href code. Fixed all that. Thanks for pointing it out, TechnoBear!

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It’s not just the quotes, the URLs are incorrect on some pages, causing the 404s.

<a"> Home Page</a>

If you must use an absolute URL, it should start be note the two slashes in there you are missing.
Though as @coothead pointed out, relative paths may be more suitable here.

This is curious how you are seeing so few errors when so many exist on the site. Are you validating a local version that you have yet to upload to the live site?

Here is what I saw …


It is curious to me that all that got by the validator! EVERY page on the site is validated, but that wasn’t caught. Now that you mention it, the lang and char set’s have been put in every page. And the heads have all been closed, as well. Thanks for noticing.

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