Backing up files on server

I was wondering, i have a dedicated server i pay for hosting on and it runs backups weekly. It is a newer dell box with two large hard drives. It dumps the backup on the 2nd slave drive. Do you think this is almost full-proof in the event that hardware fails. I mean, both drives would not fail at the same time right? What else could happen to the box that everything is lost… what is the likelihood?


As has been said do not confuse RAID with backups - RAID is no good if you accidentally delete a file for example.

In an ideal world:

  1. RAID-1 for data security
  2. Local backups for speed of restoration
  3. Remote backups for disaster recovery
  4. 2nd remote copy for peace of mind
  5. 3 Generations of backups


To continue what the previous post said, RAID 0 if for performance. RAID 1 and 3 are for security. I recommended either of those two configurations (1 and 3).

My bad. I read an “A+ All in One” book over a year ago, and I thought it said RAID 3 for good security. I retract my statement on RAID 3.

RAID 3? Never seen that one in production. Anyhow, the correct answer is RAID (outside of RAID0) is for redundancy and uptime – losing a disk does not take you offline and in some cases for performance. RAID is not a backup solution. If it isn’t automated and offsite it isn’t a backup.

Fire? Tornado? Flood? To name a few things…
The best way to backup is always make more than 1 copy, and make sure that 1 of the copies is in a physically remote location from the original data.
That way if the data center were to go up in flames (yes, very unlikely!) you still have a copy somewhere else :slight_smile:

Also, if one the disks crashes in the scenario you have now, you still have downtime because you need to restore the backup from the slave drive. You might want to look into RAID (1 or up).

thanks for the input guys! I am contacting my host as we speak.