What is the safest way for back ups?

What is the safest way to back up your files? I have a terabyte that just gave me the scare of my life. I can’t access my website that I want to complete. I do have back ups of photos and older websites on DVD.
Also, can anyone suggest good drives to back up to?

To a minimum of at least three completely separate drives so that if one fails it can simply be replaced without your losing anything.

Thank you! I will do that.
Happy New Year.

Along with 3 separate drives back stuff up on dvds and any other way you can. It never hurts to have things backed up in as many places as possible. Recently my computer died. ram fried, power supply died, 700GB of hard drives with all of my important stuff on it… DEAD. Problem is, I didn’t back anything up and now that I built a new pc and things are running smooth I still can’t get all teh data from the 2 hard drives that died since they are completely dead.

I may have to try to find 2 PCB’s for those hard drives, replace them and see if they work… It may not be the problem, but I will still give it a shot. Anyway, back your stuff up in as many places as you can. You can never be too safe.

Are you referring to Raid 1 or to manually copying them to the drives?

What about the online backup systems like Carbonite?

The problem with manually copying is that you have to remember to do this every day. I am manually copying stuff to DVD but it takes time and is slow. I think a good solution would be to use Carbonite and an external hard drive as well.

I would say that using a RAID setup would work best in this case. This way you can have an identical copy of the main hdd on all available backup hdds. As for using an online service for backup this would also be a good idea. It’s good to have backups in as many places as possible just in case something bad happens.

The three backups need to be kept at completely separate locations if you want to allow for the entire computer being destroyed (eg. if your house burns down) and so using RAID to create the copies isn’t going to work for those backups.

Having a multiple disk RAID setup does help protect against a single disk failure but doesn’t help at all if you accidentally overwrote a few hundred Gb of files and want to restore them since the RAID setup will have automatically overwritten the files from all those disks.

There are a number of different reasons for why you would need backups and RAID only covers a small percentage of those reasons.

I didn’t think about that. In a case like that having all backups in one location would be foolish. Not sure why I didn’t think of this. I’ve never ran a raid setup so I don’t know a while lot when it comes to that.

Using RAID does reduce the circumstances in which you would need to restore from backup.

Setups that I have seen that try to cater for as many of the situations as possible use a RAID setup for the primary storage. They then have an internal backup drive that takes an overnight copy of what is on the RAID drives (allowing any files to be recovered to the the way they were at the start of the day if necessary) with further external copies being made from the internal backup that are rotated to offsite locations.

My home setup uses a NAS (Network Area Storage) with software running on each computer to automatically copy the last three versions of each file to the NAS. That in turn runs backup jobs to automatically copy its content to external drives on a regular basis.

I’ll have to look into something like this and create myself a reliable backup/copy.

of course, right now I have to find replacement pcbs for 2 of my dead hard drives so I can see if that will make them work and allow me to get the data from them. just having a hard time finding a place that has what I need since I can’t just put on any pcb. Has to be the exact model and everything.

There are companies the do data recovery, just search for it. I don’t know what the cost would be though.

You cannot have one of the drives external to the computer and then unplug it and take it to another location if it is a RAID disk.

I can’t see that working if you have hundreds of Gb of data to back up.

No you don’t - you install a backup program and schedule it to do the backups for you. The backup program I use is running all the time and backs up files automatically across the network each time a file is saved. It automatically keeps the number of prior versions of each file that I told it to. You should always use backup software to handle backups because you will never remember to do it manually every time it is needed. Suppose you just saved changes to a file and realised you’d totally stuffed it up and needed to restore it back to the way it was ten minutes ago.

I’ve already looked into this option and it would cost me about $2000 at minimum.

Normally within an organisation at a bare minimum you’d use Grandfather-Father-Son http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backup_rotation_scheme

The majority of companies that loose nearly all critical data and cannot recover it typically go bankrupt within five years of the incident.

Yes, recovery companies like; Kroll Ontrack, are expensive and charge using different methods.

For my websites i use a backup facility from a differant company in a differant location and they also do a backup of my backups to another location so no data is lost,regarding home computers i do a backup on all my computers with a portable disk drive that is plugged in the usb port every other day and kept in a fire safe under lock and key.

As i rely on the data as its my business i see it as a insurance policy its not cheap but essential to stay in business.

You can also msn skydrive, I think it will allow you to save up to 25gig

I have some stuff on SkyDrive. Problem is, nothing important was put there. I was just testing it and forgot about it. Kind of wish at this point that I had put at least some of my important stuff on there.

before yr back-up of the system,u’d btr:
1.offer a powerful antivirus scan in the safe mode,to clean out junk things,trojan,worm…injected in yr PC.for my good laptop,I’d use the kaspersky;also,it’d be btr use the spywareremovaltoolkit,avast in the low or old pc(sorry,but no offensive)
2nd step,optimize yr system(speed,programmes on the start menu…),fix some errors in the sys,or in the browser ,and registry;clean out the junk file(things in the temp file,in the browser;the remains in the registry after your uninstalling)

after your first back-up,run the pc and the browser(to find any errors,e.a,errors with the browser),then you can fix and then back up the system again.
be helpful,thks