Back to SitePoint after a very, very long time

Hello SitePointers!
I today logged into the web site after a very, very long time.
It feels good to be back and I hope to stay.

Things have changed a lot of over the years.
I am over 18. :slight_smile:

Back in the days when I joined I was quite young and freshy!

There were only a couple of people online comfortable with sharing their lives openly back then.
Now things have changed so much. The internet has taken over with storm, “second lives” becoming dominant.

Great stuff!

How’s everyone doing?

Welcome back. It is certainly amazing how much everyone is willing to share. Maybe humanity is not dooomed :slight_smile:

Welcome back and glad that you remember your username and password after such a long time! That certainly has some merit :lol:

Welcome back :slight_smile:
Yes, things change continuously, but the SP forums remain a great place to hang out :smiley:
I hope to see you around.

Welcome back… I took a hiatus myself for a while… these things just seem to happen without reason sometimes… like friends who have one day faded away without a falling out… anyway, let’s keep forums alive… I’m not a fan of social media, I dig forums!!!

Maybe “password reset” tool helped him! :wink:

and on the note of being back after a long time, I’m myself here after 3 years I think (yes that is so, quick trip to profile page confirmed it). :slight_smile:

Sweet! Welcome back to both of you! I’d be very interested to hear any feedback that you have about the place these days. Flick me a PM if anything springs to mind (and you can be bothered). :slight_smile:

Thank You :slight_smile:

Ok I’ll bother. :slight_smile: The layout & design is cleaner than I remember, feels faster too in the browser, though not sure if its better layout or faster computer! :wink:

That would be our upgrade to vB4 :slight_smile:

And thanks!

Yeah thought so, new vB does look zippier than I remember. :slight_smile:


Welcome back. It’s been ages since the last time I saw you hanging around these lands… Hope that life treated you well :slight_smile:

Thank You. Yeah its been like ages. And life is life! :wink:

Wow! After one year. It’s good that you still remember this forum. I am a member for less than a year. I don’t know what this forum was like when you first joined. Should be interesting to hear. There’a a lot of people here now that’s for sure. Hope you’d enjoy the forum even more.

I am just a newbie at this forum… but is seems to be very popular. I hope we can interact and help each other!!
Welcome back computerages!
I am a little lost at this early stage, but the things will get better!

Welcome back buddy… Hope you like to Stay for a long run this time…

Where have you been?

Me Too i have created the account before six months and i realize that now before an 1 month only so that i reopened my account.