Back to Basics: XML In .NET

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In above the XmlTextwriter code doesn’t work while coded with in the insert Button but doesn’t show any error

Nice article overall. I did notice a few typos though. You left out the closing tag writer in one example and also you used Console.WriteLine where it should have been Console.Write. This should cover the basics of the proper version.

  case XmlNodeType.Element:
  	while (reader.MoveToNextAttribute())
  		Console.Write(" "+reader.Name+"=\\""+reader.Value+"\\"");

Glad you enjoyed the article, and thanks for highlighting some typos.

That will teach me for writing simple code in Word, won’t it :slight_smile:

It says the article was written on April 31st!

Interesting article.

I’m curious, are there any free tools for making a custom GUI to input data into an XML format? I running a website, and it would be really nice if I could let a few users enter calendar events into an XML and then validate it. I’m thinking of something along the lines of MS Access’ data entry forms.

Excellent article. I’d like to see a future article covering XPath with .Net, though. That’s a concept that I’ve yet to work with but the idea of querying an XML doc seems like it would make things much simpler.

if u given this code in it will be good for someone

You could test the use of XForms and XML based GUI form or use a JavaScript library like ext JS or jQuery which would allow for reading and writing of XML documents. One other method you could use would be HTA (HTML Applications) in which you could use to create your browser style apps. You could use JavaScript or VBScript with this.


Great article!! very simple and straight to the point good job!

can u tell m how to check the complete xml file rather than check line by line. i want to check complete xml file and show all errors at once in using c#

Great refresher. Thank you.

I think that your article has opened my eyes. That you so much.