Back link building process


I have read somewhere about having different anchor text to different pages in back link building process by slightly modifying the home page anchor and pointing each time to different pages of site rather than putting same anchor link (mostly of home page) in several high page rank forums/WebPages.

How can this be made for a site if for example, the anchor word to the home page is something like “Retriever lovers” if there are different pages like retriever training (the page metaword contains retriever training), retriever exercises (the page metaword contain retriever exercise) etc. These may be tough keywords, but just an example.

Also does this in any way affect SEO and link building in a negative way if not better than the same anchor text to the home page?


If all inbound links point to your home page then you might struggle to rank well for other pages. Although getting your home page to the top spot might sound like the best outcome, it doesn’t always work out so well. That means that anyone finding your site through Google then has to hunt through your site navigation to find the page that’s relevant to what they are looking for … and I can say from experience that no matter how easy you make that, there are a lot of people out there who won’t bother … if the information they want isn’t blindingly obvious on the first page they look at, they’ll back out and go somewhere else.

What you want is to ensure that all of your pages rank well for relevant terms. So within your site about retrievers, you need to try to get links to each of the pages about training, exercises, how to stop them eating everything in sight, etc – and you want the link text and context of each of those links to be relevant to the page they are linking to. If you have the same link text and description regardless of which page the link points to, Google is going to find it more difficult to rank your inner pages for their specific topic.

Don’t feel like all inbound links have to have the same text. As long as the link text is relevant to the page they’re pointing to, it won’t do you any harm to have different words and phrases used.

That’s simply because if the links were genuinely and naturally being created by other people, they wouldn’t all use the exact same anchor text would they, so if google sees 2000 links with identical anchor text from many different unique URLs (rather than 2000 links from one site), it looks artificial and the links might be discounted.

They might even have a closer look at the linking sites to see if they’re selling links.

Try to vary your anchor text and destination URL to make it look more natural.

Thanks Stevie. Really make sense.

It is important to do the build linking of both home page and inner page. But if you do the build linking of the inner page , it will raise the ranking of your whole page.

That is quite correct if you every time points to same keyword, Google will assume the link building is being Artificial. And that is not good from the SEO perspective.

So it is advised to use keywords on certain percentage of mixing. For example you could follow this - 60% main keyword , 25%+15% - secondary keywords.

What do you mean by 60% main keyword - Does that mean 60% anchor text to the home page ( assuming the anchor text constant) and 25-15% anchor texts to different impportant pages ?


Any time someone starts giving hard and fast figures for how to structure anything to do with SEO, I start getting alarm bells. I know you’ve said that’s just an example, but I wanted to highlight that – there is no magic number that will get you to the top of Google. Trying to artificially manipulate any on-page or off-page aspect to meet some arbitrary target is not the right way to go about it. So yes, you might find that focusing 60% of your links on a primary keyword and 25% on a secondary keyword might work for one site, but that won’t necessarily give the best results for another site.


The whole back linking process, metawords and such sometimes seems to be silly as I have seen some sites having high PR than their peer sites without all this. One such site is which does not have a description and I can’t find any metawords also. Another one is Here also i cant find any description or keywords.
BUT at the same time, there are many sites like coming in the top of any google search. They mostly have superficial contents unlike wikipedia with deep and rich contents . Probably they have a much better SEO than their peers?.

So all in all it is a big confusion. But I would like to know at least what 90% of the webmasters are doing.



If you are going to target the keywords in the anchor text the best way is to use the variation of the keywords. If you want to target the keyword in the same page again and again you can use in phrase text, in this way it will be fit on the Google standard. The second thing is that this is not a good idea to use same landing page again and again the same page you can use the internal pages for this.