How many times i can add my link home page

I would like to know if is posible to tag on my site , in to my pages in to words ? Like if is a word flower to tag <a href=“/”>Flaower </a> my Home page .

Like that maybe google will penalized my site ?

I doubt it. Make sure to spell Flower correctly, though. :slight_smile:

maybe it should be not more than 3 links for the same anchor text in the same page

A link that doesn’t go anywhere won’t help you.

Thank you for your replys ,

I have used the comon keywords for my area on my page , with a link of my home page . You think that will not be helpfull with google as my site has pr3 ?

I use 2 links for same anchor text. :slight_smile:

No, Google does not penalize websites for placing anchor text.

In fact it is considered as one of the strongest ways of creating backlinks and internal links.

One advise, make sure the page, to which anchor text is pointing, should be relevant to your keyword.

  1. I would recommend to use keyword variations for anchor text.

  2. Do not use more than 3 same links on same page.

  3. It is better to improve your site structure by proper internal linking on various keyword

Standard usability advice is that if you have two links to the same page, they should have the same link text. That is particularly true when the two links are on the same page, but ideally you should aim to be consistent across your whole site. If you have links to the same place that have different link text, this can be confusing for visitors, who think they are going to different pages only to find they’re back at the same place they’ve already been to.

In terms of SEO, if you have multiple links to the same page on a page, search engines will generally only consider the first one. You don’t get any extra credit for repeating the link once or twice, and you’re unlikely to get a penalty for repeating it more than that unless it looks fishy. If the structure and navigation means that there is a good reason to repeat the same link over and over again, in terms of making the site easier for users, then do that.

I am not 100 percent sure(read an article recently)… but I think Google will give the first link it crawls precedence over other links that point to the same page. It should be common practice to put your most important anchor text first, before adding additional links that point to the same page. Just to be sure.

Going off what Stevie said, adding links to your homepage in content parts of your site, may not hurt you SEO-wise unless you do it a lot. Usability-wise it may confuse people.

I think this article can you solve that dilemma:

I wonder if you really want to tag it to Flower or Flaower.
This is the correct HTML linking <a href=“”>Keyword</a>. You will not get penalized if you will link your site in the correct way, you must learn how to do SEO sothat you can earn more links.

The point is not the Flower , as my site hasn’t got to do anything with flowers !! it was just a word!!!

Thank you for all the replies and your help

That was just one of my silly questions for your example. LOL. I’m just sharing what I know, as I learned it also in some forums. It is just a matter of give and take my friend, Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Except that manparas was talking about a link to his home page, in which case <a href="/">keyword</a> is perfectly correct for any home links on the site. That just takes you to the domain root, and is absolutely no different in SEO terms to putting in the full protocol and domain, but a lot quicker to type!

Thank you

ya i will agree with zorro Google cannot penalize site for placing anchor text, so don’t worried for their

Ultimately, as the owner of that site you take editorial responsibility for the content that is on that website. However, this thread has reached an ideal consensus that there is no issue with the method of linking you’ve suggested.