Average yearly turnover and profit

Just curious, and want to measure myself against others, as to the standard freelancers average yearly turnover and overall profit.

My accountant always tells me a web designer should be at around £30k a year, being self-employed im not hitting those sorts of highs yet!

That sounds pretty normal to me for someone that is self employed and getting work on a regular basis. You figure a good designer pulls in at least $20/hour.

£30k a year sounds about right for a self-employed designer on average, although some are lucky to get that far.

£30k - is that net, after expenses and taxes, or just turnover?

As with all these sorts of questions, it really doesn’t matter though! Enjoy working the way you want to work, and just make sure you optimise each part of your business to ensure you take home the most money possible.

Do you just do hourly work, or have you set up some additional recurring income, like hosting, support contracts, licensing, side-line web sites (ecommerce, adsense/advertising etc)?

Being self employed, you’re already wasting money on class 4 NI (which provide nothing towards your state pension), so you might want to talk to your accountant about setting up a LTD company and being an employee for your company instead. Not only will you get more liability protection, you’ll save on taxes by paying yourself dividends and a basic wage (which will cover the bare minimum required for full state pension). Your accountant can assess if you are earning enough to make it worthwhile from a tax perspective. Liability limitation is tricky to put a value on however!

thanks for the feedback guys!