Automated UPS shipping calculation in Magento through the roof

Hi guys,

Been a looong time, nice to be around again! Searched the forums on this issue, but didn’t find a good match.

I’ve just had a small SaaS-style “niche mall” made using Magento, where individual merchants can sign up and create their own shopping carts and would like to use UPS as the default shipper for all, but the shipping calculation rates on check-out are wildly over the top. When I put in test-orders in a test-cart to test the check-out process myself, I get anything from “0” USD in “ground shipping” cost to locations in the US (even though free shipping is not enabled in the Magento UPS shipping back-end module) and 120+ USD as the cheapest of four options if the customer is in, say, Holland. Naturally, this will not work as no non-US customers will pay 120 USD in shipping for a 10 USD T-shirt. I myself have ordered goods from the US and had them delivered by UPS to where I live in northern Europe and I never, ever had to pay anything remotely like 120 USD in shipping for small, light-weight packages, so what is the issue here? How do I normalize this? Next to nobody non-US will buy from my merchants at these rates and just about no US-merchant selling to non-US customers will use my service for the same reason. What to do??? Thx for your time.

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