UPS International Shipping Calc


I am looking for an UPS International Shipping Calc script or a tutorial on it. I see a lot of .asp or “old” php attempts but nothing I have found works well enough for a commerce store I am writting.

Does anyone have or know of a good script or tutorial???


Wouldn’t you use one of their official APIs for this kind of work? [guess]

I have all the API’s etc. I am looking for a php code or tutorial that can help me use it. I have a really generic code that will use the API but I am not quite sure how to modify it. Somewhere out there someone must know of a tutorial.
xcart has a PHP module for UPS and so do must other commerce carts.

Anyways,… I will keep looking

Thanks again,


Ok, well you have probably seen these links, but the addition of the word wrapper might turn up more [google]php ups api wrapper[/google].

If you are looking for examples another place to look might be in Google code search, make sure you have lang:php as the first part of the search string, or use this input box Search for some long UPS specific api method name, maybe?