Auto resize swf in html. PLEASE HELP!

I am unable to auto resize flash object in xhtml page for mobile device. Please help

jeetendrapal, it’s also worth mentioning in addition to the above that the iPhone and a lot of other mobile devices CANNOT see Flash. If you have a flash based website or content that is rich in Flash, it will not be usable for those individuals (which means possibly half of the people who visit your site on a mobile device will be unable to ever get the full experience). With it’s speed and compatibility issues, I would avoid Flash for mobile devices at all costs. :slight_smile:

Your XHTML doesn’t get the choice to decide how it will be interpreted for mobile devices; the closest you can get is to send different XHTML to mobile devices. The “hot” way to do this right now (which is better than a lot of the traditional methods) is to develop a second version of the website so that you’re actually pushing different XHTML to your mobile users; I think is a popular standard that’s emerging right now.

Either way, the height and width of the swf is dictated by the attributes of the object/embed tag which flash renders on the page. Flash sets the values you specified when working with your project, but you can reset these numbers in the XHTML and the swf will follow those values.