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I was requested by my client to add “Auto reply” function to their site for response to email or enquiries
Not sure how that works exactly, or if it even exists for websites…

cPanel has an “autoresponder” facility you can set up to send automated replies to e-mails.

I use it for limited periods when we’re on holiday, but there’s nothing to stop you having a permanent one to send out acknowledgements.

As far as I know, it will only work for e-mails using the same domain. i.e. you can’t set it up to respond to a gmail or other address.

So it is something I need to set up with the host (which is godaddy)?
because I believe I have cPanel with the host.
it has nothing to do with adding anything to my code?

Just log into your cPanel. There should be an e-mail section something like this:

Pick “Autoresponders” and follow the instructions. It’s very simple to set up.

Ok I checked and I dont have cPanel I have windows (plesk)
and I was told I can add code to my php to send auto response

Are the user Emails coming from direct Emails that they send to the address, or is it through a Contact form? Or both?

It is both, their is a specific email address this is going to in my
php code.

I spoke with an agent in my hosting account and they said it
is better to add the code to my php.

If it’s all done through php then it should not be difficult to make the script that sends the Email to the company address also send and auto-respond message to the user.

What I mean by that is, are users going into their Email app, as in Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail or whatever and sending a message to Because that would need a different solution than if it all comes through a php form processing script.

Oh i see, then yes it is outlook app and using a company email what is the solution I need?,

I mean im already using php code to send the email…

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