Auto Blogging

What do you think about Auto Blogging to posts? Is it work getting software to do it?

Is anyone doing it with success in terms of an increase in traffic/SEO results?


I never tried auto blogging at all.

Just getting into that now. There are two reasons I’m getting into auto-blogging. 1) To store landing pages to drive AdWords traffic to so that your landing pages are associated with many more pages of a site and thus increasing quality score to reduce cost per click and 2) to “sponsor” another site of mine that sells product.

So, in reference to #2, you bring in visitors to a topic related, auto-blog, and have on every page or the blog posts that the blog is sponsored by “x” company and have some special of the day.

By using an auto-blog feature, it would only take a matter of weeks before you could have literally hundreds of blog posts on google showcasing your “special of the day” with a link to your main ecommerce product selling web site.

Wow, are you any auto-software, can you share with me?

use twitterfeed., for every post that you made in one feed url, it will show to all blog sites that you own.,

Auto blogging = content theft :nono:

Thanks for you tips, but i want to know how to make twitterfeed?

Poiesis01, Auto Blogging isn’t content theft. What do you think the RSS feeds are for? The writers want their content distributed.

lerxtjr, what autoblog software do you use? or what would you recommend!

I would like to know how can i make a auto blog, i have found many people making a auto blog through RSS feeds and earning some good cash out of it :slight_smile:

Just a quick note to everyone. Remember that almost all RSS feeds and content on various websites is copyright protected by law. You may not use those feeds in your own site. There are legitimate sources of RSS feeds which do allow their content to be aggregated for the purpose of auto-blogging, but this is not common and the quality of the posts is often dubious.

There is a lot of misunderstanding out there on this issue and many people are stealing others content and get confused when their site suddenly gets shut down due to content theft.

No it is not.

You just need to create an account in twitter and get a twitter widget for your blog…

I personally disagree and doesn’t like using these kind of software! I don’t think it is worth it and fair enough for others. And yes, I think it is content theft.


I’ve used auto-blogging tools before and found them very useful. It certainly wasn’t content theft.

I think google will eventually clamp down on auto blogging, so I wouldn’t even waste my time on it. Quality over quantity, so you dont dont have time to create a unique post, dont do it.

Google is largely irrelevant here. They’re not likely to bother indexing duplicate content like this anyway; they’re usually pretty good at working out what the original source page was. I always add noindex meta tags in case Google penalizes the original source for my duplicating their content.

yahoo pipes + google trends = :wink:

autoblogging might not be content theft, but neither does it add value to the internet.

blogs originated as a means of discourse. it is a means for the reader to learn more. if you autoblog, you never read the material, and learn nothing.

content scraping in all of its verious forms is not a value add. it just makes users less willing to click on anything at all.

I think that is a short sited view of the potential uses of auto-blogging software. There are many situations in which it is a useful thing to do. Admittedly 99% of auto-blogging is pointless and/or illegal, but that does not mean it is not useful at all.

I would like an example of this. I would understand if you set it up as to if I owned a company, and I was the Pres & CEO to push company updates to my personal blog. But if I was a no-named blogger I wouldn’t see the point of pulling in content from others. I mean pulling TechCrunch’s stuff into my blog. Now if I was a TC fanatic, I may copy their title and say TC just posted about _______ (link) then maybe a snippet.