Auto Blog Samurai

Has anyone heard of Auto Blog Samurai or used it? I was considering getting it but wondered has anyone tried it.

Please link to it as soon as possible will try it out and tell you about it.

Here you go Auto Blog Samurai

rofl. That worked thanks allot. Try wp robot as well it’s a great autoblogger.

IT creates unique content thats something to look for as most autobloggin does not do this at all.

All auto blogging softwares only can offer auto content updating. All softwares cannot generate both backlinks and traffic automatically.

Anyone heard of a robot that can cook, clean and can give daily massages? I need one because I am lazy…It doesn’t matter if it hurts during the massages, cooks badly or cleans even worst, I just need to feel that it … works.

Yes I have heard about Auto Blog Samurai, and no I have not used it, nor i will use that plugin or any other plugin that has the word “auto” included, that steals content from other sites where writers have invested time to produce that content.

Allowing similar posts to pass through forums is just as bad as using those plugins…an indirect contribute to harm the hard workers.

Hi Pals, this is an amazing software while you want to grab any content from ezine, rss feed, PLR… You can edit any content that you grabbed with your idea to make unique content. After that, you can post all articles to Wordpress and Blogspot… I use this software to save my valuable time… :wink:

Most blogs who use auto blogging is a pita to read.

Lol… The best answer I’ve heard and I agree with you. If I can see auto means you are just relying on a robot or software to run your business and of course, you don’t have the guarantee that it will work well since it is AUTO. Automatic things don’t last. I heard about Auto Blog Samurai but I didn’t dare using it but there’s nothing wrong if you’ll try.

nice software but too expensive…

It’s a great software but I really like using the wp robot. It’s a great word press plugin…

Auto Blog Samurai by Paul Ponna & Nick Carty and originally sold as a WSO on Warrior Forum (cheaply).This product is just another way of gaming the system and is really aimed at those creating niche blogs. Basically a hit and run way of making a little money and not meant for lasting success. There are many other ways of getting Free content to your site that I am not sure I would wish to pay for the dubious privelege.
However the best content is nearly always the content you create.
Lastly there have been numerous problems listed by users of this product (just Google the name and read some reviews).

i think this good sofware for autoblog but is expensive for me