At last - A dedicated WordPress forum

Well SitePointers, you’ve been asking for it for ages and I’ve finally done it - we now have our very own dedicated WordPress forum.

So, if you’re after a quick reference area for WordPress related questions, customizations, SEO, plug-ins and user-submitted tips/tricks, then this is the forum for you!

Discover how you can monetize, optimize and publish a successful WordPress blog.

Go on, do it now!

Yeah, I agree but maybe make it four. Expression Engine seems to have a lively following. I would spend my time in the Drupal section if one became available :smiley:

Due to high demand, there is a definite need to develop an exclusive forum on wordpress.
Thanks to sitepoint for making it.

Yeah I think this would be great also. But maybe not for every CMS in existance, but perhaps Joomla and Drupal since those are the big 3.

We have a general blogging / CMS forum which you can post those kind of questions in.

There’s no point having a forum for every CMS in existence otherwise the list would be about 1,000 sections deep. :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: Very Authoritative. laburke has already posted a thread!
Flexibility theme for WordPress wondering if it’s the theme that’s responsible for some slowness.

hope to be more like that for joomla , drupal , phpbb and more

awesome idea, make a new topic and stick it with download link to wordpress so newbies knows what wordpress does.

Awesome idea! I’m hoping that this forum will so much friendlier and useful than the forum on the WP site itself. It’s completely hit or miss over there.

Oh yeah, I can totally relate to that.

Does this mean that it’s fair game request WP related threads be moved over there? How about retro-actively on some pre-existing WP threads in other forums.

Yup, feel free to report any WP posts from other forums and we’ll move them.