ASP.NET's Please Help! Rid me of the aspnet_client folder once and for all!

Long story short I run a ColdFusion server. Yesterday we put SmarterTrack which uses ASP.NET onto the server (IIS7 on Windows 2008). Now, just about EVERY folder in my website has a aspnet_client folder in it! Being meticulous for having a CLEAN server where we don’t have folders where they aren’t needed, can anyone PLEASE tell me how to get rid of these things (but not so to affect the SmarterTrack install)?

I tried manually removing them, but they come back later at a random time it seems.

It is pretty tricky to get rid of. Uninstall from the sites that don’t need it could help potentially.

I’m not familiar with ASP.NET. How do I uninstall it from just this site?

Upon further inspection it’s worse than I thought. Not only did ASP.NET install this folder into every root subfolder off the site that the ASP.NET SmarterTrack program was installed to, it actually installed the aspnet_folder into every root folder IN EVERY SITE on the server!

Man, if I didn’t know better, I’d have though a virus hit my server! Is there a tool I can use or a command line where I can uninstall ASP.NET from Sites and/or folders (The folders at the root of a site are often running as ‘applications’)

Yes, there is. Check out aspnet_regiis.exe, it is in your %SYSTEMROOT%\Microsoft.NET\v#.##### folder. only need to worry about v2 and v4, 3 and 3.5 are fakes. Well, also 1 and 1.1 if you’ve still got 'em.

Documentation on aspnet_regiis is cryptic at best (especially from a non .NET developer) Nothing it offers seems to provide the ability to remove what I’m assuming is the “scripts folder” from folders/sites.

You’ve got two options. Removing the scriptmaps should have the desired effect. As should the -e flag which removes the client scripts.